Summer Course

Summer Course

Place: Rattan (Cadiz)

Date:26 July to 2 August 2014

Accommodation: In the center. Tatami

Food: ovo vegetarian Láctea, made by the participants.

The times are:

– 06.30 a 08.30 hrs.

– 11.30 a 13.30 hrs.

– 17.30 a 19.30 hrs.


KATAS: Seidokan Goju ryuShotokan Motobu Udundi

KOBUDO: Seidokan – Okinawa Kenpo karateMotobu Udundi – Kenjutsu

Judo Jiujitsu

KIHON: (techniques and applications) – Chikun

NOTE.- Always meditation and bathroom

Summer Course in Rota
Helping Maria 87, Rattan (Cadiz) Spain

*Offer valid until full, confirm the offer by telephone by message to reserve your place