The association

The National Association Sakura Kan Take originated in the year 1982. It had as a background to SPANISH ASSOCIATION OF TAI-DO, created in 1978.

After meeting in Salamanca:

  • D. Boulahfa Mimoun abdel-la
  • D. Jose Bahamonde Salazar
  • D. Jorge Rodriguez Carvajal
  • and D. Antonio Prada Alonso

as, all, Steering Committee members, agreed nombrar D. José Bahamonde as President, a D. Tomás Vega Married as Secretary already D. Boulahfa Mimoun as Technical Director for Spain.

It was agreed to constitute the Spanish Association of Tai-Sun, of national character and with organic and statutory dependence of the International Federation of Tai-Sun and A.M. (purposes of international recognition of this Spanish association).

This association remained in effect until 1982, in which, for policy reasons for the International Federation, decided to leave the International Federation of Tai-Sun and A.M.

The Gym Sakura was created in 1972, in the city of Salamanca. He was affiliated with the Spanish Judo Federation and Associated Disciplines the years 1975-1976, at the height of political transition in Spain. The freedoms still could not speak freely, and the sensitivity that was then reacted in a very tense.

As a result of some problems with the Spanish Judo Federation and Associated Disciplines the Take Sakura Kan National Association. We were forced to undertake a struggle for freedom of association and therefore, to be able to work without belonging to a public entity as it was said Federation.

It should be noted for these reasons that the Spanish Association of Tai-Sun is one of the pioneer association in Martial Arts in Spain, with the invaluable collaboration of D. Jose Bahamonde Salazar.

All these struggles and adventures to achieve the goals set were led by the Maestro Boulahfa Mimoun, whom to 1991 granted him, barely, renewals Spanish residence.

Was established as, in General Assembly, the Take Sakura Kan National Association In Salamanca, to 12 h. day of the year 1982. In that same Assembly it was decided to proceed with the establishment of a national cultural association.

After all to inform national and international teachers with whom the teacher had contacts Boulahfa Mimoun, the formation of the Take Sakura Kan National Association, effects of national and international recognition.

A Steering Committee was appointed on an interim basis, consisting:

  • Boulahfa Mimoun
  • Manuela Gonzalez
  • Manuel Garcia
  • José Ángel García
  • and Magdalena Fraile

who were responsible for formalizing the legal procedures for the provision of such.

The Take Sakura Kan National Association the 29 December 1982, by the Ministry of the Interior, in the Department of Internal Policy.

The purpose of the Association is to promote and encourage the study, knowledge and teaching, communication and dissemination of Eastern techniques in the field of personal improvement through massage psychophysical (tui-na), static, gimnasia china (Tai-chi), yoga, massage and related services to preserve, promote and develop, at all levels, Martial Arts in his ancestral aspect in its various facets, cultural and sports, by organizing courses, conferences, colloquia, conventions, conferences and debates, information and documentation, support for the creation of training and continuing education and official recognition of such teachings and titles that qualify for their professional.

They are also the main complementary purposes indicated, all those that are accurate, necessary, or likely to contribute to the realization of that particular purpose and main.

The new phase of the Association is to accommodate various international associations, as:

  • the Zen Okinawa Karate Kobudo Renmei Seidokan
  • Okinawa Goju Ryu Karate la-Sei Do Bukai
  • The Motobu Udundi kobujutsu Kyokai
  • Ryu-Kyu hon la Karate Kyokai kobudo

So, The current intention is to become European character Association, grounds that it is the European headquarters of various European and international organizations.