The Dojo

Sakura Dojo History

The Sakura Dojo stems in Salamanca 1972, initiative being businessman Jose Hernandez, who wanted to build a facility that will count as core business massage, aesthetics, women's gymnastics (women only) and Martial Arts.

The Dojo was located on Calle Jose Jauregui, where he remained until the end of the academic year 1977. Since then resumed its activity in which is its current:

C / Gomez Arias 7, 37005 Salamanca (SPAIN).

This new site, ownership of Dojo Boulahfa Turned Mimoun, who previously developed functions professor at previous company. Soon the name became Dojo Take Sakura Kan, literal translation of which is as follows:

Sakura: Japanese word which meets the cherry blossom.

Take: Japanese word with bamboo is known to.

Can: Japanese word that applies to certain public facilities.


Sakura, Sakura (Cherry Blossoms)
Sakura, sakura,
yayoi no sora wa
Miwatasu kagiri
You Kasumi Kumo you
Izuru Nioizo
Izaya, izaya,
Mi's yukan n.

Sakura, sakura
Sakura, sakura,
yayoi no sora wa
Miwatasu kagiri.
You Kasumi Kumo you
Izuru Nioizo
Izaya, izaya,
Mi's yukan n.


Haru ? haru; Springtime in my heart; Springtime in my heart:
Blossom, blossom; Haru ga income, Haru ga income:
Cherry blossoms April brings
Up against the clear blue sky
Mist-like petals gently sigh
Fill the air with signs of spring
Come with me, come with me
See the sweet cherry trees bloom.

Philosophical interpretation of Name

  • Sakura

Represents the Beauty and Death.

In the cherry blossom, beauty and death occur very quickly.

Beauty appears as a symbol of Life. The study and practice of martial arts is based on preservation instinct.

Death, somehow implicit in the above concept, but with opposite connotations, has an implicit presence in all the gestures of everyday life.

By harnessing these, in search of inner peace, cause you at all times our behaviors are consistent with the laws of Nature and the Universe; not something that is going to happen, but as something that happens. O sea, is a real feeling.

We can here allude to a precept Samurai, that said :

"I have no life and no death. I do eternal Life and Death. "

  • Take

Represents the flexibility, the hardness and the Void.

The bamboo molds to all situations always recovering its original position. The hardness comes in so far that, upright, it is hard and throbbing; while the vacuum is represented by the inside.

It is for this reason that this name reminds these points that are essential to the practice of all martial art.

Flexibility is synonymous with Humility, Courtesy, Understanding, Understanding, Love, etc., in brief, egolessness.

The correct application of the contraction and relaxation of the body happens in the time indicated for each situation; which is marked by the circumstances and by the above laws .

Among the many connotations also cite the perfect balance that must exist between the hard and soft, with a predominance of what Duro Blando.


A true story

In my early school membership, arose between master Shimabukuro (Uehara student teacher) and I, at the end of a long day of training, this conversation.


– The teacher (Uehara) said: “Bamboo goes where the wind takes you, Mowing the sword.”

( This interpretation is similar, to hold to say here: “In neither case weathervane”. Or the same as saying: “Being more hot sun.”
This interpretation, of one of the qualities of bamboo ,has nothing to do with our concept of it. Not only that, but was surprised, because I had not noticed it. )

I replied:

– Bamboo gives adequate strength but always with the intention set to return to its natural state. It molds but does not deviate from its primary purpose. Bamboo is moving in the direction the wind takes it but always with the same objective: harmony with the surrounding environment. But never used this quality to the detriment of its habitat or contradicting the rules of Nature. What Mr. Shimabukuro wanted to play by the mouth of the Master Uehara: “Time would show that bamboo sword break.” Namely, Bamboo's goal is survival in last grade, without contradicting the rules of Nature and the Universe. And, although changes track, Site never moves.

Let's say that when it comes to bamboo sword, is like when it comes to the wind. (He who wields the sword with that thought is as if looking at a ghost bamboo.) Even when it is cut, is perpetuated in countless useful products for other purposes.

This whole conversation was with a translator. What to Know, understand what my interlocutor, so; it was satisfied with the response, I guess the teacher transcribe.

Based on that it is hard and soft Death is Life, to explain general features that:

Soft Man is Hard at birth and at death. Thus, man must fight to maintain flexibility, not only on the physical, but also mental and spiritual. In case of the absence of one of these aspects, achieving true optimal flexibility is fruitless.

In this case (The soft) We are talking about the Japanese concept represented by the “WHY“.

The Hard

  • The Hard: bearing in mind the concept mentioned in the previous paragraph.
  • The Hard: inevitable, while the one is implied in the other .

How hard is inevitable, real and pragmatic. It is for this reason that the man spends his whole life, consciously or not, in a struggle to beat this part of his life.

The survival instinct of living beings or not, is irrefutable proof of their tendency to fight stiffness or death.

For true relaxation in action just look aa animals when walking, rest, hunt, fight, etc.

Not for nothing, Martial Arts have always tried, in the execution of their movements, to imitate certain animals. (Five Elements, Five animals.)

In Yoga, whose definition is the union of the Self with the Universe, uses a number of methods and disciplines both physical and mental and spiritual, to achieve immortality.

Life goes according placing Chakras (wheels). This they will interconexionando each other to Manero ascending descending, depending on the energy with which in those times you are working. Each Chakra is credited with a number of characteristics. One of these features is that, each Chakra is given a representative element of the same. Be part of the most solid and comes to nothing: land (survival), water (duality ), fire (transformation). air (love), Ether, etc.

In Yoga there are many paths and all the common denominator is the tendency to Immortality. In the Hata yoga, positions are intended to break the body stiffness and combining the Physical Mind. This, your instincts to excel, always aims to more, while the body is conditioned by its limitations: pain, fatigue, etc. While, Breathing mediates between. It is responsible for the pain and all the negative aspects of the effort are rewarded in the calm and peace that leads to perfect breathing. After the effort, every training session ends with relaxation and meditation, contrary to these aspects Hard.

Asanas (Yoga postures) are mostly animal names to which imitates.

The tendency of the Self in its struggle for survival and immortality is nothing more than trying to beat it Hard, tendency is innate in all beings on this planet. Whether the survival instinct in most primary states as in the more advanced stages of Being . It is heading for very different reasons to immortality. This leads to say that being should determine how hard and master from a holistic view of the same.

How is it possible that no wants to die?

The Hard can be represented by: how tense, the violent, The Crying, Ignorance, Death, and etc. They are all real situations and life itself, where they try to hide the obvious is pure fallacy. All aforementioned concepts as tension, violence ,etc., have its counterpart in another opposite concept. Thus:

Ignorance Wisdom
Hate Love
The untruth Truth
Darkness Light
Violence Peace
The Sadness Happiness
Ugliness Beautiful
The fear Courage
We stress Relaxation
Disease Health
Death Immortality

And possibly many other concepts could be cited, but what we mean here just need to stare both columns and each draw their own conclusions:


Some thinkers argue that it is the petrification or hardness, itself, is the Eternal.

The Void

Contrary to what many people think, Emptiness of which we speak here is content and. The greatest creations are made after a thorough study and practice and usually after a long period of time results are achieved changing humanity. So, there are others that are the result of pure chance.

We understand this as the man most used reason to solve ,create and all acts of daily life even to lose some of that as animal instincts are inherent in favor of reason ; error that is unfortunately very widespread. As ,How can a person use reason if the words he uses to answer your questions in most cases does not know its meaning or what is wrong.

Strangely, when asked the difference between seeing and looking, or between understanding and understanding, etc., would be surprised of the results.

Studies, as the Koans, which is a series of short questions whose answers, not easily rational solution. The disciples work long hours and even months or years to come up with the right answer, which in most cases are not resolved by rational answers but rather by nonsensical answers.

This method which aims to teach reason to quit.

As regards Martial, Something similar happens. The student repeats and repeats the gestures as often as you can and more. The reasons for and memorizes the last time, all disappear and emerge from irreason.

The fact is known in Japanese repeat the name of Mo- Ichi -Do, meaning “again”. Thus, when a teacher asks a question, he always answers Mo – Ichi -Do.

When I ask students what is a secret technique, I answer them “Repeat and repeat”.

To end this introduction, consider fundamental recovery of all the animal instincts of Being, germinate and flourish by all without exception, and to feel and enjoy nature in its most natural state, pun. The instincts are that we should give the first information, the senses must recover all its functions to sharpen. This our most animals recover.

From my many conversations with students and diverse people, I have reached the conclusion that puts most rational to animals. To what extent the ignorant man is vain!

In animal and physical must reach the ultimate consequences for, if you begin to reason, the instinct to avoid many mistakes.


The man becomes rational, with all its connotations, As used in the ratio, leading to what is known as “rational animal”.

Since at this point we will not discover anything new…


Here we discover a myriad of new things. And among them, all doubts that arise. And we discover that doubt…

These, man is aware of his limitations, which seek to meet with their creations. In most cases it will at the expense of its own existence.

The senses, in this phase be, find a new member: the spirit. This deficiency is overcome by the other senses acting as a mediator between them. And what is more important, this sense is having a real and close relationship with the aforementioned energy, such as telluric and celestial which know as infinite energy.

As we use hue for reason, we must remember that “know” not imply “know”. The “know” can have connotations that tend more towards the finite, while “know” infinity is represented by the.

The essence of emptiness comes perfectly embodied in the phrase of St. Augustine says:

“Love God and do what you want.”

Or that other saying of Buddha:

“While Dead Kill yourself and do what you want.”

Or the definition of God given by Muslims:

In the name of God the merciful The apiadable

He is God, The only. God the Eternal

No begat ,nor was begotten

And there is none equal to Him.


“The wise man is intuitive”

– The absence of ego.

– The non-Intent.

The Void full or infinite Spoken, is one that comes from the combination of telluric and celestial energies in the Self and the All (Infinite Energy).

Some of the maxims of the Samurai

I have no parents;
I make the heaven and earth my parents.
I have no home (home);
In the depths of my being. Where the sky meets the earth in my (Seika tooth) hey there, my home.
I have no intention;
Humility is my intention
I have no divine power;
Integrity is my divine power.
I have no magic power;
The internal force (Of Ki) .The energy that is and everything that surrounds my magic.
I have no life or death;
I make my life and eternal death
I have no body;
courage is my body.
I have no eyes ;
The flash of light are my eyes
I have no ears;
Sensitivity are my ears
I have no limbo;
The instantaneous movements are my limbo
I have no law;
I do my own protection my law
I have no strategy;
Freedom to kill life and Forgiveness (resuscitate) (sakLatsu jizai) hey there,my strategy.
I have no purpose;
Timing is my purpose (kizan = takes the opportunity)
I have no miracles;
The law is just my miracle
I have no principles;
Amoldarme all circumstances (rinRioten) this is my first.
I have no tactics;
I make the existence and emptiness (Kiojiteu) My tactic.
I have no talent;
A quick mind (Toi sokumyo) hey there ,my talent
I have no enemy;
Irresponsibility is just my enemy.
I have no armor;
Benevolence and the reality is my armor
I have no castle;
An immutable spirit (fudoshin). That is my castle.
I have no sword ;
What's in and behind the mind (Mushin)hey there ,my sword.

The Code of Bushido

These are the seven principles code governing Bushido. These principles are based on the philosophy of Loa Tse and in which case the first emperor to unify China. China exists in a place where these seven words are held in a series of consecutive arcs sizable, under which they walk and have passed the corresponding legend.

Being faithful to him and grow your KI. Break , and your name will be reviled by future generations.

1. YU - Courage – Heroic Value-

A samurai implies courage ;is courage. Live life fully, Full, wonderful. Heroic courage is not blind, is smart and strong. The samurai developed the courage and makes your body by exercising control over it and replacing fear with respect and caution.

The brave do not follow the steps of stupidity.

2. REI – Courtesy

A samurai is courteous to your enemies and do not need to prove their strength.'s Why a samurai get more respect by the way they treat others than for his prowess on the field of battle. It limits the situations, in which the samurai invokes and expresses inner strength

A soul without respect is a dwelling in ruins

3. JIN – Compassion

Through intense training the Samurai becomes quick and strong. It's not like the rest of men. Develop a power that used to benefit all. Although his allegiance is to the Lord (Daimyo o ..)Must be compassionate helping their peers in all circumstances .

If the opportunity does not arise, goes out of its way to find.

4. GI – Justice

He is honest in his dealings with the world. Believe in Justice, but not in others emanating from, but in their own.
For a samurai there are no shades of gray when it comes to justice and respect honesty.

There is only right and wrong .
The samurai has no law, for their own protection his law
The Samurai makes justice his miracle

5. MEIYO – Honor

The samurai has only one judge to judge his actions and is himself. The decisions that are made and how they are implemented are a reflection of who is.

How to hide oneself. Be yourself and see the World (Jesus).
Be yourself and you'll see your Lord (Mahomed )
Death is eternal; dishonor, yes

6. CHUGO – Loyalty

A samurai is loyal to his master , and to all those in their care ;o no . For those for which it is responsible, always responds with his life .

In the code of loyalty . ES

7. MAKOTO – Honesty-Truth.

When a samurai says it will do something, is as if already done. Nothing will stop the execution of the above.
Do not give your word. No promises. Simply put in motion about the act of making.

The words of a man are like their fingerprints; You can follow him wherever he goes.
Say and Do the same thing.

It samurai born to morir. Death, for, not a curse, but the natural end of all life.
The samurai has neither life nor death. Ago eternal life and death

The first phase is the Self with the Self, Being then with Planet; Being, Planet and Galaxy; Being, Planet, Galaxy and other Galaxies .

Whether deductive or inductive method, el camino de is the infinitesimal to the infinite, or vice versa, Always within these parameters.


We believe in the power of nature both in real and absolute.

On Day and Night.

In the White and the Black .

El Ying y el Yang.

We are faithful to the virtues of the samurai and the martial arts in general

By way of Jutsu (Warrior) and Do (Road, Via the Spirituality).

We respect the young teachers and teachers revere elders.

We are the force of Nature.

We are the energy of the Universe.